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Pre-Screen & Technical interview as a service

Ensure developers have the right skills for your IT positions

Pre-screen for IT Positions

Dev-Pro Talent was created as a subdivision of the 400-people software development company. Our recruiters have a technical background and can screen for tech positions to assess candidate's experience against the job requirements, within our Recruitment Process Outsourcing offering.


A detailed, pre-screen summary is provided, ensuring your customized and approved key areas are covered, including:

1. Up-to-date candidate CV with contact info

2. Current location / readiness for relocation

3. Availability / notice period / motivation to look for a new job

4. Educational background and years of relevant experience

5. If the candidate is authorized to work for any employer in the US

6. Hourly rate or annual salary expectations


As an additional service, experienced technical specialists from our software development wing can also provide technical interviewing as a stand-alone service.

Technical interview as a service

Why use 

technical interview

as a service?

Your company may not have interviewers with suitable technical expertise.


It is entirely possible that there may be no available resources in-house to conduct technical interviews. We have the necessary knowledge to undertake technical screening services that cover a broad set of skills and technologies.

Cut down the stages of the interview process.


Normally, each candidate will be screened by various members of IT staff. Dev-Pro Talent will take over the technical screening process to select only the most qualified candidates. This will cut the number of interviews on your side and save the valuable time of the final decision-makers.

How it works?



We learn more about the role, candidate and required skills and desired experience



The candidate’s technical knowledge is assessed by our senior specialists


get the feedback

You receive a detailed report and a recording of the session (if required and authorized


Get the example of the screened candidate profile from us now

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