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Sourcing as-a-service

We provide up to 50 candidate profiles to your inbox. Every morning

What is Sourcing-as-a-service?

Sourcing is definitely the most time-consuming part of any recruiter’s routine.


Just imagine offloading your recruiters from manually searching for qualified candidates and letting them focus on what really makes them shine – outreaching, interviewing and placing the perfect candidate, but not looking for them.

Completely tailored to each client’s needs, our researchers source active and passive candidates who meet specific criteria such as skill set, experience, and geography for either a job order or a specific profile.

We provide a list of potential candidates that you can contact right away.


Get a higher ROI and double the number of positions you close!

How we do it?

Professional Sourcing Team

Our sourcing professionals are well-trained and experienced in industry-leading research methods. Finding the best tech talent is their main craft and passion

Most common sourcing projects

  • Software developers,

  • Project managers,

  • Product managers,

  • SCRUM masters,

  • DevOps Engineers,

  • UI/UX,

  • Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET),

  • Technical Executives (CTO's, VP of Technology),

Sophisticated approach and

latest tools

With the help of state-of-the-industry tools and well-established sourcing techniques, we get the best results for you right away.

3 Simple steps to start getting your first candidates


Step 1

Discovery call

Share with us the ideal skills, background, location, and experience you’re looking for each position


Step 2


We send you first 5-10 profiles to get your feedback and adapt our search.


Step 3


We start providing you with selected candidates, approved by our team-lead as relevant to your positions and request


Thanks for submitting!

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