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Offshore Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Concentrate on your core business. Leave recruitment to us

Why outsource recruitment?

Offshore recruitment process outsourcing is a business model in which a company transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to Dev-Pro Talent to improve costs, quality, efficiency, service, and scalability.

Dev-Pro Talent’s experienced technical recruiters integrate into your specific recruiting process, acting as an offshore extension of your team.

We work with each client to understand your team setup, scope and budget, and your short term/long term hiring goals. Working together, we identify how to integrate into your flow and address the challenges your team is facing.


Market Analysis

Reduction in cost-per-hire and increased savings due to lower expenses in Ukraine, where our sourcing and recruitment team is located

Cost advantages
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Where the recruitment process is outsourced, employers find the talent they need without being distracted from their core business operations

Focus on Core Business
Analyzing the data

Measure and track performance through regular reporting on key performance indicators (KPIs) in the established recruitment process

Transparency through advanced reporting
Aviation Show

Handle extra load and improve scalability to respond to your organization’s changing needs. Outsourcing technical recruitment provides flexible talent acquisition, as well as the ability to bring your headcount up or down as hiring needs change

Improve recruitment efficiency
Business Team Research

Utilizing Dev-Pro Talent experienced technical recruiters as an extension of your team provides access to deep expertise in hiring IT top talent, time-tested with our clients and partners

IT Industry recruiting professionals
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Offshore recruitment services give you the power and the confidence to handle scaling up and bring in more new business

Your power to scale

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