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Case Studies

Thanksgiving-to-Xmas Race for a local Account Manager

Two days before Thanksgiving our client, a global financial technology services organization headquartered in Portland, OR, asked the DevPro Talent team to help hire a full-time Account Manager, who could start before Christmas. The urgent challenge was accepted.


The aspects of this role were met: additional marketing background and expertise with building email campaigns as well as prior experience in the restaurant management domain. Thanks to the weekend work, within the first two weeks four candidates matching the criteria all able to start before Christmas were identified and two of them entered into a tight race which lasted for four weeks and ended successfully for one of them on January 18th.


What we have learned from this case is that we need to move as quickly as the client's business requires, even though large company's internal approval processes might take twice as long as the unique candidates hunt!


Domain: Financial Services, 10,000+ employees


- Limited market capacity
- Time pressure / Holidays Season

Solution: Sourcing strategy built around specific domain experience / Arrange a team of 5 to source during non-working hours

Stack: Marketing background / Restaurant Management experience / Email Campaigns creation / Customer Service


Hire a local QA Automation Lead within 30 days

One of 5000's fastest-growing private companies focused on Hospitals & Healthcare from the Texas area had an immediate need for a full-time Quality Assurance Automation Lead local to the area. Their need to start a new mobile product was immense and the Hiring Manager made it clear he would be available 24/7 to make it happen as quickly as possible.


The DevPro Talent team pulled together a dedicated researchers team to fill the pipeline with appropriate candidates and line up all the conversations for the weeks the Hiring Manager was able to interview them on site.


The success was achieved as quickly as within just 4 weeks thanks to a great synergy created with the Hiring Manager with both the parties working towards a common goal tirelessly and without any delays in communication!

Domain: Medical & Healthcare, 50+ employees



- Domain-specific experience

- Local market & on-site only

- Tight Deadlines

Solution: Arrange a team of 5 best sourcers & recruiters to speed up the recruiting process / Deep-dive technical phone screening

Stack: Microsoft .NET shop: Windows & C# / SQL / Cloud-native products testing / Automation testing / Healthcare domain experience


One-Shot-One-Hit Software Development Lead Hire

A cloud-based restaurant management platform company asked the DevPro Talent team to help with hiring a full-time Software Development Lead. The requirements included a strong hands-on Ionic 4 experience to drive a new product creation from scratch with a tight timeline of going to the market within 4 months since the recruiting start date.


The peculiarity of this successful case was that DevPro Talent Director of Recruitment was able to identify the best-fit candidate on the first attempt. The Hiring Team was so experienced and broad-mided as to immediately acknowledge that and not take the standard approach of "let's have 2-3 candidates to compare with". So, it all resolved in a quick and efficient hire 4 weeks after the request for hire was received.


Domain: Restaurant Chains Management, 500+ employees



- Limited market capacity

- Rare technology (Ionic 4)

- Tight Delivery timelines (a product from scratch to go live within 4 months since the recruiting start date)

Solution: Focus on finding the candidate with specific experience / Deep-dive technical phone screening

Stack: Angular (3 or higher) / Node.js / Ionic (4 is preferred) / MongoDB / APIs / Experience in delivering mobile applications


Keep an SDM candidate warm for 4 months

The client company operates in Venture Capital & Private Equity domain and combines the features of an established well-funded business and a dynamic startup with a family-like atmosphere.


Their requirements to hire a local full-time Software Development Manager with all the technical qualifications also entailed a deep cultural fit and prior background in fast-developing visionary organizations which could then be applied to building a new product architecture from scratch.


The main challenge with hiring this particular specialist was to keep the identified candidate interested and waiting for 4 months while the two key people in the company top management aligned with each other on the expectations and further vector in company development. Their very limited availability due to constant travel was also a big challenge for the hiring team.


The case was successful as both the parties understood the cost of the wrong choice and the long time in communication together allowed them to learn each other deeper and to secure the decison made.

Domain: Venture Capital & Private Equity, 150+ employees



- Hiring managers availability & lack of response (travel 80% of the time)

- Hiring managers alignment

Solution: Nurturing candidates during the long interviewing cycle / Ongoing communications with candidates including weekly updates and feedback sessions on all stages of the interviewing cycle

Stack: No specific technologies identified / SDM background / Experience building the product architecture from ground up / Ability to lead the team


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