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We help technical teams grow! Internationally

We support US-based tech companies by finding
great talent for them locally or overseas - Dev-Pro Talent - icons - 1

Talent Recruitment

Bespoke search for each position, tailored to your requirements.

Same as in-house recruiters!

One-time recruitment fee 

on hire. - Dev-Pro Talent - icons - 1

Consultants Staffing

We take contractors on our payroll, provide them with competitive industry benefits. They work as hourly contractors for you, we charge an hourly fee.

Dedicated recruiter

We pair your in-house recruiter with our dedicated specialist to be an assistant on any tasks, be it DB clean up, sourcing or pre-screen calls.

Staffing and recruitment agencies

We believe that a win-win cooperation in talent acquisition is the right recipe for partnership success. Get more tech openings closed for your clients and grow your business and KPIs with us

Software companies and 

Tech-enabled businesses

Working as an extension of recruitment teams, we help to get more candidates for your tech positions by offloading your in-house recruiters and letting them focus on closing rather than searching - Dev-Pro Talent - icons - 1
Time zones expansion

While overlapping with morning US business hours, we look for candidate profiles and fill your recruitment pipeline while you're fast asleep

Reduce your cost-per-hire and time-to-hire considerably with our offshore, Ukraine-based dedicated resources and streamlined processes

IT-specific knowledge

We are a division of a software development company with an 8-year history. Our recruiters have a deep background in hiring IT staff



We can hire and staff candidates as W-2 employees on our payroll and provide them to you as contractors

*if the margins are right




Jeff Bianco
President and Founder

0 (1).jpeg

Anastasiya Chuchina
General Manager


Roman Dereka

Director of Sales and Account Management

Inha Levko_photo11.jpg

Inga Levko

Director of Recruitment


We'd love to hear from you!

Please give us a call or drop us a note and we'll get right back to you.

Thanks for submitting! 


Charlotte, NC, the United States

Kharkiv, Ukraine

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